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Take a peek at what holiday fun is coming!

Are you curious what surprises we'll have for you next year? Take a look at what we are doing to make your stay even better. Come visit us and see for yourself in 2022

Have a great Christmas & New Year!

Camping Geversduin

Welcome to Geversduin!

Immerse yourself in nature while still enjoying the luxuries of our campsites. 2022 will be full of new surprises!

Geversduin mark

A fantastic new square!

The front square has been extended and refurbished, creating more space for everyone's enjoyment. We look forward to sharing this new space with you in 2022!

Geversduin mark

New: Plastic House

Constructed from local waste plastic collected from the Castricum aan Zee beach, we constructed two new holiday homes. Enjoy a luxurious stay while helping the local environment!

Camping Bakkum

Welcome to Bakkum!

At Bakkum, we aim to give you your very own piece of paradise. Every year we make innovative changes to make every season even better than the last!

Bakkum mark

New! Bakkum’s Musical Group

A new Musical Group where children rehearse for a whole month to put on the musical 'Bon Bonni Beach'. Will it star your family's musical talent too?

Bakkum mark

New: Campervan Pitches de Luxe

A lovely sunny pitch for your campervan. Now with electricity, running water and a drain. Everything you need for a luxury campervan holiday in 2022!!

Bakkum mark

Bakkum Vertelt: bigger and better!

'Bakkum Vertelt' - The multi-day festival has had a facelift! Experience the music, stories and performances this event has to offer, with exciting new plans for 2022!

Camping De Lakens

Welcome to the Lakens

Only 100 metres from the beach at Bloemendaal, this campsite provides all you need for a family getaway. Enjoy activities or just lay back and relax, the sea and sun combo has got you covered

De Lakens mark

New: Sun, Sea, Zen and……Sweat!

Between all that relaxation time, you can change it up and get more active! We have a brand new building full of sports facilities, whether you want to get a sweat going, or do some relaxing yoga

De Lakens mark

A New welcome

We're renovating our reception building to make it more welcoming than ever. The next time you arrive you can expect an even warmer beginning to your vacation

De Lakens mark

Back and Better: Beachcamp de Lakens!

Enjoy a surf and stay in one of our furnished glamping tents. Fully equipped to enjoy cooking, surfing and activities, with hot tubs on the terrace for relaxing.

We wish you a fantastic New Year!

We hope to see you in 2022!

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Have a great Christmas & New Year!

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